In 2006, the Belgrade Stock Exchange launched a series of general and specialized courses designed for the general public and potential investors in order to help them reduce potential investment risk and increase their capital gain. The basic idea is to increase the knowledge about stock exchange operations through practical examples, trading simulation using the Exchange trading platform,  with selected indicators and necessary analysis. The experienced lecturers try to present their respective topics in a simple way suited to the general public. The courses are held in a specially equipped room in the premises of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, where each attendant is provided with all the necessary means for simulation of trading and analysis of securities by means of technical and fundamental analysis indicators.

The most popular courses are the following:

Description of course: structure and participants on the financial market, role of broker and Exchange, inclusion of securities in trading, trading methods, determination of securities prices, Exchange products and services, reporting and disclosure of information.

Description of course: considering possibilities of investing in securities, basic risks, risk analysis, risk protection, basics of fundamental and technical analysis, creation of portfolios, analysis of individual risk aversion and target yields.

Description of course: types of investment funds, operation of funds, structure of fund portfolio, cost of fund investments and risks, selection of investment funds ...

4) TECHNICAL ANALYSIS – advanced course
Description of course: Dow theory, support and resistance concept, indicators, practical application of technical analysis and examples, Elliot Wave theory, candlesticks ...

In addition to general courses, the Belgrade Stock Exchange organizes In-house trainings, intended for companies who wish to educate their staff in the fields related to financial markets. The areas included are:
1. Capital market
2. Analysis of trading (Fundamental analysis)
3. Technical analysis
4. Corporate governance
5. Investment and/or pension funds

The Belgrade Stock Exchange is regularily visited by students. Around 1500 students visit the Stock Exchange every year and attend a one-hour presentation on the development and work of the Exchange, with a number of practical examples of exchange operations.
Various institutions and domestic and foreign partners have expressed their interest in our educational program and joint market participation. The courses held so far exceeded our expectations and the polls conducted show inreased interest and satisfaction of our students with results, as well as a need for advanced courses.

For more information on courses, in-house training, visits and trainings organized by the Belgrade Stock Exchange and in cooperation with partners, please contact us:
- through our web site: Kursevi Berze (Serbian version only)
- by Marketing Department telephone: 381 11 311-73-01 and
- by e-mail:

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