Admission to the Market

Law on the Capital Market (Article 38) stipulates that the issuer, if the securities are required to be admitted to trading on a regulated market i.e. MTF, shall be obliged to submit to the market operator or MTF the request for admittance to trading , within three days following the receipt of the information from the Central Registry regarding the completion of the procedures of entering of securities in the Central Registry and transfering of securities on the accounts of legal holders.

Belgrade SE organizes and manages:

  • Regulated market, which consists of:
    • listing segments - Prime Listing, Standard Listing and SMart Listing
    • additional segment - Open Market and
  • Multilateral trading platform - MTP BELEX.

Securities may be admitted on the Regulated market on the request sent by the issuer to one of the segments determined by the given request. Conditions and procedures for admission of securities to the Listing of the Regulated Market as well as other issues related to the Listing of the Regulated Market of the Belgrade Stock Exchange are regulated by the Rules on Listing of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Securities which do not qualify for inclusion to listing or the segment of the regulated market which is not listing is selected in the Listing Application, shall be admitted to the Open Market in accordance with the Rules of Business Operation of the Belgrade SE.

In case the security does not fulfill the conditions for admission to one of the segments of the regulated market, the security is admitted to the MTP BELEX.

Duties related to the resolution and decide on the inclusion of securities in Open Market BELEX and MTP, as well as other matters related to this segment of the regulated market and MTF BELEX performs Director of the Exchange.



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