The Belgrade Stock Exchange indices were created for the purpose of improving the information process and the transparency and comparison of the market data.

The Belgrade Stock Exchange currently maintains the following two indices:
BELEX15 – leading index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, describes the movement of prices of the most liquid Serbian shares and is calculated in real time
BELEXline – general, “benchmark” index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, calculated at the end of a trading day

The indices of the Belgrade Stock Exchange are weighted by market capitalisation and can serve as an underlying for the creation of structured products and derivatives on the local and foreign markets. For more information on obtaining the licence on Belgrade Stock Exchange indices you can contact us on e-mail:  or by telephone: +381.11.311.73.01

Disclaimer: In view of information availability concerning the issuers quoted on markets of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, the Belgrade Stock Exchange cannot guarantee that all data used during the calculation of the index, the calculation itself, as well as the accompanying coefficients and elements of the index, will be completely protected from possible errors, since errors can appear as a consequence of inaccuracy of the issuer, incorrect information delivered to the exchange and other institutions or inadequate application of the methodology. The Belgrade Stock Exchange shall not accept any responsibility for possible direct or indirect losses resulting from a mistake in the calculation of the index and accompanying coefficients. The  content of any index of Belgrade Stock Exchange cannot be considered as recommendation for investing in any component of the index, and for that reason the Belgrade Stock Exchange does not accept responsibility for the consequences of investment decisions based on the use of indices and accompanying coefficients.

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27.09.2023. 14:01:01More
Source NBS, 27.09.2023.
Market Capitalization - 27.09.2023.
421.664.054.091 RSD
3.597.957.378 EUR

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